This page is all about lifting. I love lifting weights and getting strong :)

At present all my blog posts relate to lifting so you can visit the blog page for lifting related posts.

Lifting hiatus

As of 1st March 2024, I have not lifted weights seriously for almost 2 years! This is because I am using most of my time to build a home gym! gua href="/blog/building-a-garden-gym">You can read more how I am building my garden gym.

My Personal Conjugate Method Style Program

As of 27th Nov 2021 I'm doing my own personal advance strength training program based on the conjugate method. You can use it and tweak it yourself: visit the Sample Conjugate Method page.

My Lifting Stats

I've recorded my lifting achievements on YouTube for archival purpose.

I am 5'9 (175cm) and my weight lifting achievements have been attainded at various weights ranging from 78kg to nearly 90kg. Unfortunately I didn't log my weight for every lift but will aim to do so in future.

Lift 5x5 Max 5 Rep Max Misc. Max Video
Deadlift 170kg 205kg 225kg for 1 rep 225kg
Squat 180kg 190kg 200kg for 1 rep 200kg
Bench press 115kg 120kg 130kg for 1 rep 125kg
Overhead Press 85kg 85kg 100kg for 2 (?) reps 100kg (1 rep)

Older lifts

I found an old workout log file and these were my lifts in 2017:

  • Overhead press: 50kg for 5
  • Bench press: 70kg for 5
  • Squat: 120kg for 5
  • Deadlift: 140kg for 5