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    Published: 01-04-2024

    This is a rant about overthinking. The overthinker is someone I call a magician. I get the term from a book called King, Warrior, Magician and Lover. I haven't read it but I like the archetypes it presents.

    - King: The King archetype embodies wisdom, benevolence, and authority. It represents leadership, responsibility, and the ability to create order and harmony in one's life and community. A balanced King archetype nurtures and protects those under its care, guiding them with fairness and compassion.

    - Warrior: The Warrior archetype embodies strength, courage, and resilience. It represents the ability to confront challenges, overcome obstacles, and protect what is valued. The Warrior archetype is characterized by discipline, determination, and a willingness to fight for justice and honor.

    - Magician: The Magician archetype embodies intellect, intuition, and transformation. It represents wisdom, insight, and the ability to understand the deeper mysteries of life. The Magician archetype is associated with creativity, innovation, and spiritual awakening, as well as the power to heal and bring about positive change.

    - Lover: The Lover archetype embodies passion, connection, and vitality. It represents the capacity for love, intimacy, and emotional depth. The Lover archetype celebrates beauty, sensuality, and the joy of life, fostering meaningful relationships and a sense of aliveness.

    These archetype sound cool like something out of Skyrim but have negative qualities too. In particular the magician.

    When the Magician archetype is dominant or overemphasized, individuals may exhibit traits such as:

    - Overanalyzing: A tendency to rely excessively on rationality, logic, and analysis, leading to a lack of spontaneity or creativity.
    - Escapism: Using intellectual or spiritual pursuits as a means of avoiding or numbing emotional pain or real-world challenges.
    - Arrogance: Feeling intellectually superior to others and dismissing alternative viewpoints or perspectives, leading to a lack of empathy or understanding.

    I see this a lot in life (and have been guilty of it too). In particular I see this a lot in the realm of weight training.

    The fitness industry is oversatured and its easy to get overwhelmed with knowledge. There are probably thousands of Youtube videos on strength training. 90%+ of them probably tell you what you already know. In 10 years time there will be even more videos there is very little chance anything new will be discovered or said.

    Do not spend too much time "learning" and not enough time doing. We get stuck on a weight and try to research or think our way out of the problem.

    When it comes to getting stronger, things are simple and hard (notice I said "and" not "but"). We don't need to know every little detail. We just need to focus on the basics and keep at it. Patience. Diet. Rest. And obviously hard work.

    To keep things simple, we need to be aware about how we use information. We need to be aware when we are over researching or consuming content like a cattle munching on grass. Instead of trying to learn everything, we should focus on the basic's and consider everything else as clickbait or someone after your money and time. Avoid drowning in a sea of information.

    What I have found and what you will find is that everyone's journey through weight training is a personal journey. Only you can figure out what you need. Sure its fine to look into a problem area but try to never fixate on it. If you get stuck. Pause and rest. Then revert to the basic tenants. Diet, rest, appropriate weight selection and hard work!

    Good luck!

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