More info about me

Some history

Cheetahs Gym

I graduated with Honors BSc in Digital Media Development. This was a technical course which specialised in digital media and computers. I interned for a web company called Hovr and then freelance for Dharmafly. I spent my time networking with Brighton's tech community at co-working spaces like The Skiff.

At this time I chose to be more physically active so started lifting weights. Cheetahs gym happened to be closest to my work. It was great! Since then I have advocated for the benefits of strength training to all people.

Later on I wanted a change so I was shifted from computers to the emergency services. I was one of a lucky few accepted to EdgeHill University's excellent Paramedic Practice course. I earned a Diploma of Higher Education with distinction. During the course I trained in Manchester with North West Ambulance Service for 2 years before moving back home in Brighton.

Now I spend my time working as a Paramedic in Brighton, lifting weights and programming as a hobby.

Where I live

The Vista of Casargo, Italian village I live in Brighton, UK. Brighton is a seaside city surrounded by green countryside with a diverse and unique population of people.

I was born near a village called Casargo in northern Italy. My parents brought me to Brighton, England when I was 3 years old. I have lived here ever since.

I speak fluent English and Italian.